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Should I Buy a New Computer or Upgrade?

Whether or not you can upgrade, or need a new computer, depends on what you need out of the computer. The cost of upgrading to what you need may or may not justify the purchase of a new computer. A new computer used to cost as much as a small car. Today however, like the cost of all electronic devices, the cost of a new computer has dramatically decreased. You can buy a low to mid-range computer for between five hundred and a thousand dollars. Below is a listing of different upgrade options you may want to consider.

If you are looking at upgrades such as CPU, motherboard, etc. I would almost always recommend that you save your money and purchase a new computer, now or down the road. Either way - we can give you a free quote for your requirements to help in your decission.

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Tuning Existing Computer

In many cases it is possible to achieve dramatic performance improvements on computers by simply tuning the computer and sitting with the owner and removing the things they do not use. This can be the most cost effective 'upgrade'.

Memory upgrade

A memory upgrade can really affect the overall performance of your computer. Increasing the computers memory can help increase the speed of a computer and help with the load times of many of your programs. Older 32 Bit computers are limited to under 4GB. Newer 64 Bit computers can manage much more than that, but for most applications do not need more than 16GB.

In addition to being an effective upgrade it's an affordable and often easy and fast upgrade. If your computer could use a small performance boost and your computer has less than 4GB of memory this can be an effective upgrade and you may want to do this instead of purchasing a new computer.

Video card upgrade

If you're playing computer games, or editing video etc. on your computer an upgraded video card can be one of the best upgrades With the new improvements and complexities of graphics in games many older computers or computers with inefficient video cards can become real slow. Adding a new video card is often an easy upgrade and is a lot cheaper than purchasing a new computer.

New Monitor

Although a new display is not going to improve the performance of a computer; adding an HD display or or increasing the size of your display can make using the computer a much more enjoyable experience.

If you're display is 17" or smaller, and you have the room to do it, this upgrade is easy and a lot less than purchasing a new computer. Also, if down the road you do purchase a new computer you will not need a new to buy another display.

Hard drive upgrade

In the past upgrading the hard drive was very popular. Today hard drives are so large that most users never run out of disk space. If your computer is running out of disc space then adding a new hard drive to the computer is a cheap and often fairly simple upgrade.

Replacing a traditional hard drive with an SSD hard drive can dramatically increase the load time and speed of your computer. Although SSD drives are not cheap, their price is coming down, and may be an affordable option.

Published by Webmaster on 05 Feb 2015

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