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Data Backup

Jim's Computer Services can help you to backup your photos, music and videos and other data safely. With so many backup options available and vendors pushing their on-line backup facilities at every opportunity, we can offer impartial advice on what would be best for you.

On-Line, Off-Site or Cloud backup offer greater stability for disaster recovery, but have security implications and uses a lot of bandwidth to upload and download your data.

The correct backup strategy for you will depend on your needs and risks. Whether you need periodic or incremental backups will depend on how you use your system

Complete (or image) backups versus data backups also need to be considered.

How many backups should you keep? and much space will you need to keep your backups.

Data Restore

We can restore simple backups to repaired or new equipment so you do not loose valuable information.

Restoring complex backed-up data can be an issue. Making sure you have a 100% identical system you are restoring to may be difficult. Do you have the exact requirements to be able to restore your system in the event of a disaster? e.g. do you know what version of software you were using with your data.

We can help you identify the requirements for a complete disaster recovery strategy and help you implement it so that you never need to worry about your information getting lost.

Data Recovery

Often lost or deleted files can be recovered from storage media, even if it has been reformatted.

We offer a data recovery service that can recover lost or deleted files from hard disks, photo cards etc.

If you need data recovered stop using your machine, or at least the media the data was on (e.g. hard disk or backup disk) as you may be overwriting the lost data making it impossible to recover.

Call us as soon as possible and we will scan the media for recoverable data. The process may take a day or two and 100% Recovery is not always possible, but we will do our best.

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