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You have technical skills, and you want to to run your own successful business. You may be looking to start a home based business, or already have a small business in the IT sector and need help to grow.

You want to take control of your own destiny. Having considered the options and done some research, it make sense to look for a franchise for sale but why a Jim's Franchise?

Jim's Computer Services (Sunshine Coast)

There are many reasons to choose a Jim's franchise. There is the training and support for your business etc. but the most compelling reason is brand recognition.

In business brand recognition is hugely important, companies spend millions of dollars to promote and protect their brand image. With Australian Franchise opportunities the most successful franchise group brand is the iconic Jim's Group.

The Jim's brand name and the bearded face have achieved an astonishing 95% brand recognition for home based business. A huge advantage for a business. From the first day a Jims Franchisee puts on his uniform and gets in his signed vehicle everyone knows who he is and what he does. Providing a considerable increasing in the chances of success in computer repair and maintenance.

But that's just the start, there are many more advantages to being part of a Jim's Franchise; the largest franchise group in Australia. With over 3000 successful franchisees in 37 divisions the system clearly works.

If you think you may be interested why not contact us and ask for more details - It costs nothing to ask and it may be the most important decision you ever make

Jim's Computer Services (Sunshine Coast)

Published by Webmaster on 05 Feb 2015

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